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Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Penultimate Touches to the French Army

Having hit 600 figures, and having run out of bare lead to paint, I now await the final artillery pieces which will complete the army.

I will in this small update be only posting 2 pictures, one a quick image of the army on my shelf as it was a few days ago, showing the scale of the army, and the other an image of my attempt at hand painted flags.

These Standards are for the Spanish Troops of Joseph Bonaparte (an army rather commonly unmentioned by everyone) and the Badenese troops present at the battle. Hopefully I have done an adequate job with these flags and my enemies shall cower before them!

Saturday, 4 April 2015

A Month without Updates: 500 Figures

Hey guys, so it's almost a month since my last update and I've covered a reasonable amount of ground.
Since that time I have reached the 500 figures painted mark, (503 currently to be exact), I'm not going to post whole army pictures until the whole army is completed however because it is so close now, just a few months at most.

A selection of units completed this month.

The 2nd Hussars, in all their glory

The 4th Baden Regiment - Sorry for the shaky camera work.

The 21e Dragoon Regiment.

WIP first base of the mighty Vistula Legion. I know the Czapka is incorrect for the Vistula Legion at Talavera, they should be in Shakos, but the extra character for this elite unit was too much to resist, And I think it looks good.
That's all for this update,