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Monday, 28 December 2015

6mm French - 200 Point Blucher Army

After pausing for Christmas and Boxing day I've completed my French 6mm army up to 200 points in the Blucher rules. I will be of course making this army bigger than it is, but first I will be doing 200 points of Austrians.

This has been my first foray into 6mm as a scale, using Baccus 6mm figures, and I'm really pleased with how quickly painting the figures is and I really like how they look all based up.
The Army so far.

I Corps: 1 Elite Infantry, 3 Line Infantry and 1 Foot Artillery.

II Corps: 1 Elite Allied Infantry, 1 Elite Infantry, 2 Line Infantry, 1 Allied Infantry, and 1 Light Cavalry (Hussars).

III Corps (Cavalry): 4 Dragoons, 1 Horse Artillery.
The army is in fact the same as the list I have been using in 10mm just for ease of use and because I have found it fun to play. I will be adding more units up to 250 and then probably 300 points which should distinguish it.
I'm really pleased with how these have turned out, and in only just over a week.

Next, on to the Austrians!

Sunday, 20 December 2015

6mm Beginnings - French Elite Infantry

I recently received my first orders from Baccus 6mm for my French and Austrian armies. I plan on using these to play Blucher at my local club. The units will be based on 60mmx30mm bases like my 10mm figures. 

 The contents of the delivery will enable me to create 2 reasonable sized armies for the Blucher rules.

So far I've painted up 3 units of infantry (2 elite infantry, and 1 elite allied infantry in Blucher terms) and I'm very pleased with how they look combined with the basing.