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Friday, 16 January 2015

New Delivery and finished Grenadier Base

New Delivery

Received my delivery from Pendraken yesterday so I have even more lead to shift off my University desk, just in time for the new term.
2 packs of Fusiliers, 1 pack of Command squad members, 2 packs of Elite Infantry, 1 pack of 8pder Cannon, and 1 General.
The General is from the old Peninsular French Pendraken range, and I picked him up just to see how he fits in with the new range which is as of yet devoid of Generals. Sadly both him and his horse seem extremely small and slender and may stick out too much if placed near the other members of the army. I'm still tempted to mount him alone on a base to represent 1 of the 2 minor Generals the Grande Armee rules allow the French to include during the Talavera scenario. Mounted on his own he may be inconspicuous in his smallness.

Finished Grenadier Base

The Grenadier base I was painting in the previous update are now finished, however the crosses on the back of the bearskins may have a little tidying up done if I feel like it.

Sadly I'm 3 grenadiers short of the number needed for the second base, and pendraken sells them in packs of 30. I don't know what I'm going to do with the 27 I'll have spare if I order them, so I might see if I can nab 3 of someone who might have some spares themselves for less than the £4.50 from Pendraken.

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  1. Hey there, you can send Leon on Pendraken (not me, different Leon) an email - Pendraken are awesome for that, they'll give you custom quotes depending on the figures you want.