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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Grenadiers & LaSalle


Just posting the first 8 members of my painted Grenadiers.

Ignoring the anachronistic Bicornes on the command members, I have these guys essentially for free, they add a little character to what is an elite unit in the army.

My painting doesn't do the Pendraken sculpts justice, but they will look fearsome when massed all the same.
Hopefully these Grenadiers will be spearheading a daring attack in the not too distant future.


I mentioned in my last blogpost that I was building my army towards playing large battles in Grande Armee or Blucher when that comes out. I am however building the army currently towards playing battles in the smaller scale LaSalle before getting to that stage. 

This army will be in pure figures about half the size of the Grande Armee army for Talavera, and here is the army list showing the stage of completion.
Green: painted, Yellow: Possessed, Blue: Ordered, Red: Not Owned
The Grenadiers will represent a unit of Elite Infantry in the list, and I just hope the guys at Pendraken release some 1809 French Howitzers soon, or else I may have to order elsewhere, or use a different range's Howitzers as replacements.

Thanks for reading.

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