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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Varnishing and Painting

Having forgotten to varnish all my figures up until this point I realized enough was enough these figures need to be protected. Acquiring matte varnish in Canterbury where I attend University has proven harder than I can manage, so I will have to make do with GW 'Ardcoat with a layer of GW Lahmian Medium over the top to take away the gloss.
With that purchased I decided to varnish all my completed figures at once.

picture includes currently the current 8 members of my next fusilier unit, and the next 4 who have only been basecoated.
Now I can be comfortable that these troops will suffer no damage on the way to the battlefield! I even dropped a base of Dragoons, but they fortunately landed base up and none of them were dislodged. I know, I was amazed too.

Because of the start of the new university term I have been unable to paint many figures, however I may as well post pictures of my army now accompanied by the new Grenadiers (admittedly still 2 men short of complete) as well as total up the % towards completion!

Over half way through my LaSalle army (not including extra 'attacking' units however I think) and over a quarter of the way through the complete Grande Armee Talavera army. Hopefully we will get the base LaSalle army done and its all plain sailing from there.

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