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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Blucher Released

Yesterday Blucher was released finally by Sam Mustafa, so I swiftly bought the PDF to give it a look. The rules seem really solid, and in a break from normal Mustafa tradition contains the ability to create a points based army list.
Hopefully this will inspire me to write up an army list and keep on painting more soldiers for my armies.

Some WIP Elite French Infantry that I will finish tomorrow, and I've now passed the 200 figures painted mark on the army, which considering I've been only painting a very limited amount recently is a fairly nice benchmark to have hit.

Shortly after that WIP picture is this image of the army as a whole as it currently exists


  1. Since you are basing your figures with room on the base for a label, you might consider looking at Fate of Battle. There are NO CHART CARDS.


    1. Cheers @Andrew Bruce

      @Buck Surdu, I may be missing it completely but is there a place to see/download those rules, all I see are reviews and pictures!

  2. That's very impressive, great work!