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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

300th figure

I painted the 300th figure in the French army at Talavera today, and will pass the 50% mark in the next couple of days. The army is building up at a slow and steady pace and will be finished, all things remaining on course, within the next couple of months. Picture of army list progress below:

As well as that I'm quite pleased with the current progress on King Joseph Bonaparte's Spanish troops, who can be seen here:

Hopefully you will agree that the Spaniards are looking fairly smart, even if they aren't a strong force in the battle!

Hopefully my big Pendraken order will arrive before I burn through all the troops I've got left in the backlog, which is starting to look less and less like a backlog seeing as how few troops there are.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Spanish Are Coming!

Today my package arrived from Magister Militium containing the Spanish troops I need to make up Joseph Bonaparte's Spanish Reserve division at Talavera.

These packs will comfortably make up the Spanish Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery bases of Josephs division.The Magister Militium sculpts seem really nice and detailed, however they have a lot of flash and such which needs cleaning up before painting than the Pendraken figures I have been using for my French figures.

I have so far painted up 1 base of the Spanish cavalry and like to think they have come out quite well, and I think they will look nice ranked up and based.

I was warned that Magister Militium sculpts might be slightly larger than Pendraken's, however they seem to be just fine to my eye.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Blucher Released

Yesterday Blucher was released finally by Sam Mustafa, so I swiftly bought the PDF to give it a look. The rules seem really solid, and in a break from normal Mustafa tradition contains the ability to create a points based army list.
Hopefully this will inspire me to write up an army list and keep on painting more soldiers for my armies.

Some WIP Elite French Infantry that I will finish tomorrow, and I've now passed the 200 figures painted mark on the army, which considering I've been only painting a very limited amount recently is a fairly nice benchmark to have hit.

Shortly after that WIP picture is this image of the army as a whole as it currently exists