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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

300th figure

I painted the 300th figure in the French army at Talavera today, and will pass the 50% mark in the next couple of days. The army is building up at a slow and steady pace and will be finished, all things remaining on course, within the next couple of months. Picture of army list progress below:

As well as that I'm quite pleased with the current progress on King Joseph Bonaparte's Spanish troops, who can be seen here:

Hopefully you will agree that the Spaniards are looking fairly smart, even if they aren't a strong force in the battle!

Hopefully my big Pendraken order will arrive before I burn through all the troops I've got left in the backlog, which is starting to look less and less like a backlog seeing as how few troops there are.


  1. You've painted them very nicely - but didn't the Josephino infantry wear brown uniforms? Yours look perfect for a regional militia unit fighting for one of the Junta.

    1. Sadly, you are correct, a fact I did not realize at the time.
      All my information at the time was from the Osprey on Spanish forces, and I made the (purely cosmetic) decision that the militia Spanish Junta troops would be wearing Brown (brown dressed troops sadly and confusingly served on both sides), as it makes them look a little more rough around the edges. Because of this I chose the cleanest looking colours (the white and red) for the Troops of Joseph as a contrast.
      This is not the only mistake I have made, and I truly do not wish to repaint the troops at this time. As I paint up my Spanish army I will consider changing the labels and having the correct colour's represented.