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Saturday, 9 January 2016

6mm Austrians - 200 point Blucher Army

As I said when I posted my 200 points of French, my next task was 200 points of Austrians to match them an now here they are.

I really do love how colourful the Austrian Hussars are especially.

The Army.

I Corps - 4 German Infantry, 1 Conscript Grenzer, 2 Artillery.

II Corps - 4 German Infantry, 1 Conscript Grenzer, 1 Artillery and 1 Cheveax Leger.

III Corps (Cavalry) - 1 Cuirassier, 4 Hussars.

The plan is to add on another 100 points to both the French and Austrian armies in time, but I haven't decided what the make up of this will be yet.


  1. Very nice! I'm in the throes of painting an Austrian army for the 1809 campaign. Am regretting somewhat the "big base" approach - we're using full playing card sized bases and it looks ace. Sadly it's twice as many figures per unit ;)

  2. Nice job! Working on a 6mm French and Austrian force myself for 1799 to 1800. Slow going due to limited time but it is nice to look at yours. I base mine on 20x20 mm bases which have magnetic bottoms to clip onto larger bases. I play more battalion level games and like to alter march column to line to open order look. Since I only really play solo games it works for me.