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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Starting the Spanish Army of Estremadura

With the French army, and my Exams, done and behind me it is time to start the Spanish Army of Estremadure, led by the much maligned Cuesta.

In my plans the Spanish army at Talavera weighs in at just under 500 figures, and most of them a pretty rough selection of infantry, although to spice up the army I will be modeling Cuesta, who had been incapacitated in an earlier action, in a donkey drawn carriage, although the models for that have not arrived here yet. All the other figures have arrived however, and so I will be starting the way all products should begin. Line infantry.*

*Technically the first Line unit is done, owing to it being the unit I had painted for my French army, until I learned Joseph's troops real uniform. Instead I am technically painting a new unit for the French army which just had its Spanish Soldiers swap sides.
The Spanish Roster. Painted Troops Highlighted Green.*

Loyalist Spanish on the left, Josephino troops on the right.

In 10mm even an entire army can fit into half a dozen small plastic bags.

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