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Saturday, 28 January 2017

January's painting - Finishing the Woodland Indians

This January I've been painting the final figures for my 18th Century Woodland Indian force which is now finished.

This month I painted 6 Indians with bows, 12 with muskets, and a Sachem with a musket.

The 6 Bow armed Indians, along with the Sachem.
Musket Indians from Redoubt, I didn't find these figures as nice to paint as the other Indians in my collection, and their heads and general body size look pretty big stood side by side the North Star and Conquest Indians.

6 North Star Musket armed Indians

4 Forest animals to use as table clutter or Hidden Markers. White Tailed Deer only have spots as foals, I painted them on as a mistake but I like how it looks anyway.

The modest Indian force now. 3 Sachem, 6 bows, 48 muskets, 6 civilians and 6 casualties.

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