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Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Army of Estremadura

Having finished the Spanish army for the Battle of Talavera (for the Grande Armee scenario) of 467 figures, I can now make this post calling an end to this part of the project. All the Figures are from Magister Militium, except the Carriage of Cuesta and the Mules which pull it which are from Pendraken.

I will be returning to University for 4 weeks to finish and submit my MA dissertation, so will not be starting the British army for the battle until after then at the earliest.

And on to some pictures.

General Cuesta's carriage. He was wounded in the Battle of Medellin and so had
to be moved around in a mule drawn Carriage.

Cuesta and the Divisions of Zayas and Iglesias.

The Divisions of Portago, Manglano and Bassecourt.

Henestrosa and Alququerque's Cavalry Divisions.

The Army of Estremadura

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  1. Very, very well done. I plan to start a 28mm Spanish Army next year, and i hope it comes out half as nicely as these!