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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A start on the British, Talavera, and the first Test of my Troops.

To start this one off I have finally made a start on possibly the last great milestone of the armies at Talavera de la Reina, my British army. Not wanting to ignore the new Pendraken sculpts my army shall therefore be half belgic and half stovepipe as Shakos are concerned. If/when Pendraken get around to doing some Stovepiped boys I plan to get some to fix that, but I'm not that worried frankly as most people wont notice at 10mm.

Only some Line Infantry and Light Dragoons so far, but the start of Wellingtons tidy little army I hope.

I have finished the base I plan to use as the main part of Talavera on the game board, and I'm very happy with how the 3mm buildings from Supreme Littleness have come up.


On friday I attended my local wargames society for the first time and played a game of Blucher with some of my French against my opponent's 6mm Russians (I am aware crossing scales is heresy for some people but frankly it was hardly an issue at all, and not that noticeable whilst playing our opinions).

My army was forced to attack and my experienced opponent thrashed my in experienced blundering first game with the rules. It was however good fun and I hope to attend again soon. Hopefully acquitting myself better in future.

My left flank, outmaneuvered and stranded. Transfixed by cossacks to their flanks they were unable to assist my beleaguered centre.

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